Gun Dog Rehab

One of the benefits of our positive training techniques is that they will work well with nearly any dog, whereas harsher techniques often negatively impact dogs with a softer demeanor. Because of this, we often are asked to help with dogs who have washed out of traditional, compulsion-based training programs. We also receive many dogs who were not able to withstand the forced fetching process or who were rendered gun shy by unsuccessful gun introductions. We are able to help with any problems common to gun dogs.


Gun Shy Rehabilitation

Duration: Usually 1 month (some dogs may require more time)

Price: $700/month + $100 ammunition charge + $50 food/month (owner to provide any medications)

Curriculum: In this program, we apply a slow, careful process of desensitization followed by a period of counter-conditioning so that your dog will actually like gunfire. We have had great success using our approach with severely gun shy dogs.


Failed Forced Fetch Rehabilitation

Duration: Usually 6 weeks (some dogs may require more time)

Price: $1275 for 6 weeks (includes birds; owner to provide food and any medications)

Curriculum: In this program, we take the dog back to basics and work on building a joyful drive for retrieving. Even dogs with seemingly no retrieving drive left after a failed forced fetch attempt can re-learn to love retrieving in this program. After a two week period of drive-building, we take the dog through four weeks of our Positive Trained Retrieve program.


Other Problems

Most problems typical to gun dogs can be solved in a fairly short period of time. Call for a behavior assessment and pricing information on solving other problems with your gun dog.