Do you want to host or attend a positive gun dog training workshop?




We currently offer three kinds of positive gun dog training workshops. Each has its own benefits and intended audiences. We hope to see YOU at one of them soon!


Positive Gun Dog Training RV Tour Workshops

You asked us to come to your town, so here we come! Throughout the year, we will be traveling to towns across the United States. The workshops we present on this tour are strictly one-day events that cover a topic or two, can have a hands-on segment, offer plenty of opportunity for Q&A. And frankly, we want to meet our fans! These workshops are virtually free to host, and pretty low-cost for attendees. To see our upcoming stops, click HERE. If you want us to come to your town, email us at


Comprehensive Workshops

Do you want to host a comprehensive, multi-day, multi-topic workshop to help the gun dog owners and dog trainers in your area? Or, perhaps there are lots of people in your area interested in running their dogs in hunt tests or field trials. Our comprehensive workshops are rich in information, hands-on practice and one-on-one instruction with Thomas Aaron (CPDT-KA, ABCDT) and Linda Aaron (CPDT-KA, CMT).

These workshops are a good way to make a big impact in your community for the betterment of the gun dog training niche. To see where our workshops are being held, click HERE. For a document containing our Frequently Asked Questions and Contract for hosting a Comprehensive Positive Gun Dog Workshop, email


Positive Gun Dog Trainer Series Workshops

There is nothing like these workshops ANYWHERE. Learn to positively train a gun dog from start to finish. These workshops cover everything from the basics of dog training the all the bells and whistles of a Finished Gun Dog. Each day contains both lecture and hands-on work, and you will be provided with pointers, retrievers and flushers to practice with. You can even bring your own dog!

At the moment, these workshops are held twice a year in Denver, Colorado. To see when our next workshop is, click HERE. For more information on this workshop, email



  • To discuss holding a workshop in your city, please contact us at or call us at (720) 837-2573.



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