Become a Positive Gun Dog Trainer

Become a Positive Gun Dog Trainer





If you want to train gun dogs positively, either professionally or as an amateur, this 7-day, comprehensive workshop is designed to give you the foundation to do so.


You will learn the fundamentals and advanced principles of positive reinforcement training, the process of training both started and finished upland gun dogs (retrievers and pointers), and the key elements for running a successful positive gun dog business.


The wealth of knowledge shared in this workshop is the product of running one of the biggest, most successful positive gun dog training businesses in the United States and training hundreds of dogs from start to finish. FetchMasters trainer Thomas Aaron (CPDT-KA, ABCDT) will teach parts of the course, as will his wife Linda (CPDT-KA, CMT). Each section of this seminar will include both lecture and hands-on work in a real field environment.


The material in this 7-day workshop consists of three areas of study:


Fundamentals and Advanced Principles of Positive Training

If you have no experience training dogs, or if your experience lies primarily in the pet-dog/behavior modification niches, this section of the workshop will explain how to get gun-dog level performance using humane, dog-friendly techniques and methods. You will receive both classroom instruction and hands-on work in developing obedience skills for gun dogs (i.e. name recognition, sit-stay, down-stay, recall, heeling, whoa etc …). The ultimate goal of this section is to give you the necessary knowledge for developing off-leash reliability in high-distraction, field environments using positive methods.


Training the Started Upland Gun Dog

This section teaches you about gun dog breeds and their hunting styles, as well as how to assess potential hunting dogs. From there, you will learn to positively train all key skills for started gun dogs, both pointers and retrievers — including steadiness, proper retrieving, tracking, whistle sit/whoa, whistle recall, marking falls and a number of other important skills. Each day you will receive classroom instruction followed by hands-on work. This section includes invaluable insights and tips on running a successful positive gun dog training business. n


Training the Finished Upland Gun Dog

This section will teach you to positively train the more advanced gun dog skills. These skills include marking and retrieving multiples, directional hand signals, blind retrieves, quartering, honoring, etc. Nothing is more impressive than a nicely finished gun dog.


This is the most comprehensive positive gun dog workshop of its kind, and we aim to send you home knowing what you are doing. Our goal is to teach you to train a quality upland gun dog without the use of fear, intimidation, pain, coercion, shock collars, choke chains and other aversive techniques or equipment. Be prepared to work hard and learn a lot.



  • Classes are held in Denver, Colorado.
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  • To receive help with travel logistics, please contact
  • Maximum class size: 12 Attendees.
  • FetchMasters provides dogs for practice and demonstration purposes. If you would like to bring your own dog, please contact to discuss the suitableness of your dog for the workshop.



Some Recent Testimonials

FetchMasters’ method of positive gun dog training not only trains the dog to be an effective and reliable gun dog for hunting, but also brings out the dog’s joy and love for what it is doing. If you want a rewarding experience in the field with your dog, and a dog who wants and is eager to work with you, then this is the way to go. Tom and Linda are both very patient with people in answering their questions and making the concepts clear so that an understanding of the lesson or skill being taught is reached. Very highly recommended. (Dianna H.)


It’s rare to find what I’m looking for, but this was it! Tom and Linda are very passionate about what they do — training dogs, training the people who own them, running a business, and getting the Positive Gun Dog Word  spread. This is truly an experience I will never forget, and it exceeded my expectations. I came out with more knowledge, skills and confidence — and lifetime friendships. (Jessica B.)


For a very long time I have wanted to learn to train gun dogs positively. However, I learn best in an “in-depth” way. I was so glad I found Tom and Linda Aaron of FetchMasters. They are very warm and welcoming people, and learning from them is exactly what I had hoped for. To them, there is no such thing as a stupid question. I highly recommend their workshops and would do it again in a heartbeat. (Zane B.)