Host a Comprehensive Workshop

Would you like to host a Comprehensive Workshop in your town?



We can conduct a workshop on Positive Gun Dog Training and related topics at your location. Our dedicated, hosted workshops are multi-day, multi-topic events with ample lecture, hands-on work, Q&A opportunity, and private consultations with Thomas Aaron, CPDT-KA and Linda Aaron, CPDT-KA.


These workshops are great in communities with large numbers of do-it-yourself gun-dog owners and positive reinforcement trainers trying to make a difference in this tough niche.


Below are a few of the topics we frequently are asked to cover. Of course, the curriculum can be customized to meet the needs of the audience.



  • The Selection and Raising of a Gun Pup. This segment covers puppy selection, early socialization, and the environmental exposure your gun pup will need prior to beginning his field training. Included are discussions on introducing your dog to guns, water and birds.


  • Field Skills for Flushers, Retrievers and Pointers. This segment breaks down breed-specific hunting skills. We can teach just the skills for your club’s breed of choice, or we can present an overview of training proper hunting styles for pointers or flushers/retrievers. This segment covers steadiness to wing, shot and fall for both hunting styles.


  • General Gun Dog Skills. This segment covers hunting-specific skills for both pointing and retrieving breeds. Useful tips for teaching quartering; marking falls; blind retrieves; bird handing; steadiness in the blind, boat and field; and hand/whistle signals will be covered.


  • Teaching a Positive Trained Retrieve. This segment covers our favorite, dog-friendly methods for teaching a dog to retrieve without the use of aversive techniques and tools, such as like ear/toe pinches. These methods represent an alternative to “forced fetch” training.



  • To request a copy of our Comprehensive Workshop FAQ’s and our contract, please contact us at or by phone at 720-837-2573.