Positive Gun Dog Training RV Tour

You asked us to come to your town, AND WE ARE ON OUR WAY!





Due to countless requests to come to various towns and hold a Positive Gun Dog Training Workshops, we have started a new initiative that you are going to love:


The Positive Gun Dog Training RV Tour!


We are traveling around the country over the next year or two, meeting our fans, and hosting one-day seminars and workshops.


Our Positive Gun Dog Training RV Tour workshops can be either lecture-only or lecture and hands-on. They cover one or two topics. Tom and Linda Aaron (both CPDT-KA certified) will talk about their progress in the positive gun dog training niche, lecture on gun-dog related topics, provide attendees with cutting-edge gun dog training tips and techniques, answer attendees’ questions, and even help with their dogs!


And best of all … IT IS VIRTUALLY FREE FOR YOU TO HOST! That means:


  • You don’t pay our typical professional speaking fees.
  • You don’t pay our travel expenses.
  • You don’t pay our room and board.


All you have to do is host the workshop at your facility and promote it!



Want us to come to your town? If you can host us and promote the workshop, please email us at trainer@fetchmasters.com.




Some Recent Testimonials from our RV Tour


“I had the opportunity to recently attend a Fetch Masters positive gun dog seminar. I was excited to learn about their techniques to train hunting dogs using positive methods since the hunting industry has historically used physical punishment to train dogs (ex- force fetching and remote shock), and i was not disappointed. The dogs Tom and Linda train are happy and excited to hunt versus only performing their job out of fear of retribution. You can literally see the bond between the hunters and their hunting buddies strengthened by this style of training. I hope Fetch Masters is able to reach more trainers and hunters through their tours, for the sake of the gun dogs and the hunters who rely on them.” (Amy Pike, Board Certified Veterinary Behaviorist)


“St. Louis was so thrilled to host Fetchmasters for their Positive Gun Dog Training seminar. Tom and Linda gave us amazing information not only on how to train an effective gun dog but also how to choose which breed best fits your hunting style and what to look for in a great breeder. It was a fantastic day of learning and we are so thankful for the opportunity!” (Erin Wigginton, CPDT-KA, Owner at Helping Hounds Training, LLC)